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the sultry air the slightest can not influence his devotion.The cigarette butt threw all over the floor, water cup tilted to one sided to beside also have no time carefree realize, the small alarm clock is tick-tock, Mu knowing of summer that having already annoyed outside the window is nerveless to blare to call, opposite is a whole body drench compared with this quite afternoon of Liao learn soldier to draw to row on the paper by enthusiasm having never once had.
Be apart from him to use fountain-pen lettering at a time recently, already fully six years.Several handwriting with twisting pages from the beginning, arrive to behind and more write more agreeable;The pure spirit is great from the beginning absolute being, https://www.giantsonlinefans.com to the arm in nowadays numb and weak;See from the beginning a word copy a word and see 30 words copy 30 words till now, Liao learns mutiny to get overwhelmed with work, depressed not already.
"To, call that helps bunch of rascals to help to transcribe."He is about to stir a telephone, turn to read and think:"The Xun leads a director to in every possible way make difficulties for, in case of let him see the dissimilarity of a handwriting, that I even the last opportunities all had no."
Finally pay to can not hold up, walk to the veranda activity benumbed right hand, suddenly see the next door veranda sun small pants of a girl's lace, can't be that female kid just of?Old Liao cans not restrain an excited mood and takes out long bamboo pole, the desire appropriates to oneself right away it."Is alas, the rabbit doesn't eat nest side grass, leave so nearly, again is in broad daylight, I how was this .In case of be discovered, that is the everlasting perdition,"make an effort to oneself's one Zhang, the Xing Xing returns to the indoor to re- transcribe a handout.
12:30 from the noon, to in the evening nearly at 10:00, remove to go to the stool, drink water and smoke, he always the Fu have never left on the table, even if being such is absorbed in work, still just copied 1/3 of Volume 1.Although this process is very tired,Liao learns a soldier to have to consign, thought concentrated, on the contrary feel heart one quite, determined the viewpoint that he wants to be a teacher more.
The telephone bell rings, he is unconcerned.Again ring, still ignore.Again ring, straight-tempered go to the toilet to urinate.Liao learns a soldier to press to connect to listen to key and sighs tone to say while ringing out for the seventh time:"What matter?"
"Elder brother Bing, the skinheads invite us to speak a number in the Vinaceous Rosefinch park at 10:00."Being a to slightly take is weak in character of voice.
"I not is say to have no time, you ascended and then went by yourselves."
"But, elder brother Bing, probably the time at 7:00, the little white elder brother was chopped down to harm."
"Hold!Is your where concentrated?I go to a meeting meeting they."If Liao learns a soldier Mao ground stand up, can not do again to shrink a tortoise, brothers drive chop down he is still unconcerned, only afraid can not mix an underworld.At most spend two hours, rush through again back to copy a handout, put together to go without sleep the whole night for a day, till 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, copy one several originally should be able to force to cope with to pass.
"We are in door in the west of park, elder brother Bing rushes through to come over quickly."
"OK."Liao learned a soldier to slowly accept line, " week blessing of skinheads is original, you had better be worth me to do so."
Entrance in door in the west of park is an in the style of antique memorial arch, four lines of pillars, have the line pattern dragon on the post, the signboard of positive center what didn't write.The night view is thick heavy, wind is blowing gently, https://www.giantsonlinefans.com/bruins-torey-krug-jersey still have to suddenly suddenly put out clearly on the lawn of flow Ying.Around stopped more than 30 motorcycles, a group of persons or Fu on the car, or squatted down on the ground, or depended on a post, in piecemeal fashion.In the center a youth that wears windbreaker paces about and lights a cigarette, Nu way:"Hey!Incredibly would not° until make a pretense of drive chop down cheat him, is elder brother Bing's head to enter water?"The back of windbreaker, write with the Chinese brush-pen as if a few words of chicken claw:"Vinaceous Rosefinch bridge with the west, the first of hooligan".
The front appears a few cars at this time and drive again urgently again quick, from far and near, along with bellow of engine voice, eight Tao Kuangs tie to beat on them, mightiness of the car head headlight sway to spend eyes."Chi" of a , the tire drags along an a few deep scars in the cement ground and nearly and nearly stops.Four miniature bread car doors open in succession and jump down a group of persons.

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